Volunteer of the Year in Health and Care Award Winner

Lisa Harding (Lancashire)                       Pathways

Lisa describes each day as a joy but it wasn’t always that way. She was an active addict for over 40 years and regularly engaged in severe self-harm. She has you might say, experienced ‘life’s ups and downs’ and many of what she describes as life’s tricky tests but she has come through to the other side a stronger person, equipped to help others, buoyed by a new found confidence and an energising zest for life. Lisa’s learning journey can only be characterised as one of self-discovery and growth. Through her volunteering and the training she has accessed she has been empowered. She has gained vital self-esteem and a deep sense of purpose, along with a huge capacity to help others. Never one to seek the limelight or look for praise she just gets on with turning her own personal experiences and knowledge of substance abuse into something which is relatable to others; something people can gain insight and knowledge from to build better lives.

Now three years into recovery Lisa is a beacon of hope to her community, inspiring those who knew her before and also those who know her now who are thinking and wanting to change but simply don’t know how. Lisa is an open book for advice and guidance whilst also providing a good listening ear.

Nominated by Sean Cusack

Joint Volunteer of the Year Runners Up

John Dix – Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Chester Chris Makin – Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust