Our work

VSNW's activity to support the sector in the North West is currently focused on five areas: Devolution, System Change, Health and Social Care, Supporting Infrastructure, and Economic Development. In addition, we offer expert advice through our consultancy work



The VCSE sector is at the heart of what devolution is about, and VSNW is working to ensure the sector plays a leading role.

System change

Public services and communities are under extreme pressure. How do we make the case for community-led social and economic change?

Health & Social Care

VSNW are involved in many aspects of Health and Social Care work on behalf of the VCSE sector in the North West.

Supporting Infrastructure

As the regional voluntary sector network for the North West, supporting the VCSE sector is core to what we do.

Economic Development

A central strand of VSNW’s work is supporting the VCSE sector in an economic agenda. 

VSNW Consulting

VSNW can offer expert advice, bridging the gap between sectors, and conduct high quality research.