Voluntary Sector North West members (many of whom are themselves membership organisations) are expected and encouraged to act as channels of communication between VSNW and more local voluntary and community groups so that information can be shared at all levels of the voluntary sector.  Voluntary Sector North West does not try to take the place of local organisations working at the local level.

The Benefits of Membership

  • By joining Voluntary Sector North West your organisation will be a part of strategic voluntary sector network in the North West.

  • Voluntary Sector North West provides an opportunity to meet voluntary organisations and share good ideas from all over the region.

  • Voluntary Sector North West’s membership of the North West Regional Assembly and close links with the Regional Development Agency and Government Office provides access to important networks and decision-makers at regional level.

  • You can be part of policy debates and help to influence the development of the north west.

  • Voluntary Sector North West’s work on European issues - urban and rural - helps voluntary and community groups to make a strategic input into European policy and practice in the region.

  • Post events & jobs on our noticeboard for free .

How Do We Join?

There are two types of Voluntary Sector North West membership - Full and Associate.

Full Membership

This is open to any voluntary, community organisation or social enterprise (voluntary) based in or working in the North West of England that agrees to support and promote Voluntary Sector North West’s aims and to abide by the terms of its constitution and rules.   

Your organisation must be formally constituted as an autonomous, democratic organisation independent of national and/or local government and at least one of the following:

  • an umbrella and/or intermediary voluntary organisation with a development and/or support role towards other voluntary organisations; or

  • a regional or sub-regional voluntary organisation; or

  • a regional branch of a national voluntary organisation.

Alternatively you can join as an Associate member.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to any individual or to any organisation which does not meet the criteria for full membership of Voluntary Sector North West, but which agrees to support and promote the purposes of Voluntary Sector North West and to abide by the terms of its constitution and rules. Associate Members receive all the rights also offered to Full Members (mailings, conferences and discounts) with the exception of voting or nomination rights.

For more information on membership please contact us.