HEE Innovation Award Winner

The Greater Manchester Genomics Education Programme
Manchester Centre for Genomic Education, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The 100,000 Genome Project is an ambitious, transformational healthcare project that allies cutting edge science and technology, clinical care and research. The initiative involves collecting and decoding 100,000 human genomes – complete sets of people’s genes – (DNA) – to enable scientists and doctors to understand more about specific conditions. Understanding DNA and how it can predict and prevent disease, provide a precise diagnosis and direct targeted treatment is a key component of personalised care. One of thirteen centres nationally ambitiously promoting whole genome sequencing and establishing the city as a key player in a national healthcare system.

Dr Glenda Beaman the project education training lead has trail blazed; working with expert patients and clinical staff to jointly develop and deliver a multi-faceted, education and training programme designed to provide healthcare professionals across Greater Manchester with the knowledge and confidence to refer in to the project. This has involved establishing Genomic Cafes, grand rounds in hospitals, training for GPs and educational session for every foundation year doctor, plus regular talks at nursing forums; as well as significant patient and public engagement events to raise awareness. This work has impacted significantly on the number of genome referrals. Professor Newman said,’ More people have been reached in one year than the previous twenty years’, with over 10,000 direct contacts.

Nominated by Professor Bill Newman