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Learning Matters Health and Care Awards 2017

Learning Matters Health and Care Awards 2017

As part of the joint regional award programme and learning campaign between Voluntary Sector North West (VSNW) and Health Education England (HEE), the Learning Matters Awards celebrates all kinds of learning across the health and care sector.

The nominations they reviewed reflected a diversity of people and projects in the NHS, local authorities, the voluntary and private sector. They encompassed clinicians, carers, patients and the public in both paid and volunteer roles. They featured people taking their first steps into work and education, those who tirelessly volunteer year after year and people who selflessly and skilfully support the development of others.

The awards are part of a cross sector adult learning campaign which recognises the contribution that adult learning makes to individual, community and economic wellbeing as well as the continued development of the health and care sector. The overarching theme is simple: lifelong learning is good for people, organisations and health.

This publications includes an overview of the Learning Matters campaign as well as profiles of the winners.