EU Funding and Brexit Briefing for Liverpool City Region

Warren Escadale and Sam Popper

Following the implementation of Brexit, what is the likely impact of lost investment and delivery, and how can the case be made for future investment in driving inclusive growth?

Sector expertise lies in connecting mainstream delivery to those furthest from mainstream support and furthest from employment. It also lies in providing tailored, person-centric approaches to tackling multiple barriers and building confidence.

We calculate that if investment in inclusive growth and VCFSE involvement in delivery ended in the City Region…

• Over 13,400 of the hardest to reach people acrossthe City Region will lose out on life-changing support. This will cost the City Region at least £56.3m per year in lost GVA.

• This includes additional welfare costs of at least £12m per year.

• We would lose a return on investment in VCFSE delivery in our City Region of £8 for every pound invested.

• Direct job losses in VCFSE organisations in the City Region would exceed 245.

• The City Region would lose out on significant additional inward investment in our most economically disadvantaged communities.

• In the light of extensive public sector cuts, it would become increasingly challenging for local organisations to remain financially viable. Additional indirect job losses would exceed 145.