NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans - NAVCA Briefing

NHS England requires every area to produce a Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) as part of the NHS Five Year Forward View. This presents a great opportunity for local infrastructure. STPs are local blueprints that every part of the country will need to produce for “accelerating its implementation of the Forward View”. The “most compelling and credible” STPs who will receive the earliest additional funding will be judged on the reach and quality of the local process, including community, voluntary sector and local authority engagement.

NAVCA have stated that a lot of members are finding health and CCGs an increasingly important source of support for local charities and community groups. If this is the case for you, no doubt you will already be involved in developing STPs. However, there are members who tell NAVCA they are struggling to get heard. STPs may give organisations a new opportunity to develop relationships with the partners in their local health and care system – as they will want to show they are engaging with the voluntary sector. The briefing will give an overview of STPs and suggest ways you can make the most from this opportunity.

NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans briefing