The Long-Term Plan for the NHS


Theresa May outlined a funding settlement for the English NHS in June of this year: "increased funding of £20.5 billion per year by the end of five years." 

Ahead of the Autumn Budget, the NHS is therefore reviewing sector involvement and investment models across the board, which includes: Prevention, Personal Responsibility and Health Inequalities; Healthy Childhood and Maternal Health; Integrated and Personalised Care for People with Long-Term Conditions and Older People with Frailty (including Dementia); Cancer; Cardiovascular and Respiratory; Learning Disability and Autism; Mental Health; Workforce, Training and Leadership; Digital and Technology; Primary Care; Research and Innovation; Clinical Review of Standards; System Architecture; and Engagement.

How Can the VCSE Sector Get Involved?

VSNW are co-hosting one of four regional workshops (1.30-4pm, September 12, Manchester) with NHS England (via the VCSE and participation teams) and NCVO, as part of a rapid national engagement exercise, in order to develop VCSE proposals and core messages that feed into the Autumn Budget statement. We are particularly keen to draw out lessons and messages drawn from local reality.

This is an important moment. To book: North West event in Manchester on September 12.