Citizens launch 'People's Plan for Greater Manchester'

A new citizen-led initiative, the People’s Plan, has been launched in Greater Manchester. All who live, work or study in Greater Manchester are encouraged to get involved and to share their views, priorities and proposals for devolution across the region.

Ahead of Greater Manchester’s first Mayoral election on May 4th 2017, the People’s Plan aims to amplify the voices of local people and civil society and provide a constructive challenge to the region’s strategies and delivery.

Devolution could be a unique opportunity for citizens and civil society to have a greater say about the future of Greater Manchester.  The People’s Plan seeks to gather a wide and deep range of ideas and thoughts on what the future for all areas of Greater Manchester should be, exploring key issues such as the economy and jobs, health and social care, transport, housing, the environment, and how to build a citizen-led democracy. 

The People’s Plan organisers aim to involve as many individuals and groups as possible, and people are encouraged to engage via social media, by completing a short online survey, going to events, or holding their own People’s Plan gatherings, which will feed into the wider project.

Events will cover the areas outlined above, and will take place over October, November and December.

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