Government responds to letter from charities regarding the Lobbying Act

After over forty organisations, including VSNW, Children England, NCVO, and NAVCA, wrote to the Minister for Civil Society to express worries over the effect of the 2014 Lobbying Act on charities' activity, the Government has responded. The letter says the Government supports political campaigning of charities, albeit with a limited scope. 

The letter, which was written by Chris Skidmore MP in his role as Minister for the Constitution, outlined the extent to which the Government sees this type of activity as valuable, saying that: 

"The Government recognises that charities have the right to undertake campaigning and political activity where it supports their charitable aim, trustees consider it to be an effective use of charitable resources and provided they do not engage in party politics. The Government respects that right and Ministers have consistently said as much in public."  

The Minister also said that the Government is in the "early stages" of considering the recommendations made by Lord Hodgson, and is therefore unwilling to meet with stakeholders at this stage.  

The full letter can be viewed here.

For reference, the original letter to the Government is copied below.