Realising the Value Update

Regional Voices, of which VSNW are a member, has been part of a consortium working with NHS England, Nesta, Health Foundation, Behavioural Insights Team and 5 VCSE partner sites on a project to evidence the value of different approaches to person centred care and to find ways to encourage greater use and uptake. The project was hugely ambitious and complicated, and has met with some challenges over the past 18 months, but findings are starting to emerge and a project update is now available.

In preparation for a working day with commissioners, Nesta has produced an update of progress and next steps in the different workstreams. It is in the form of a ‘storybook’ which gives you an ‘in a nutshell’ overview of each of the workstreams: what they are about, who the products are aimed at, learning and next steps. The workstreams detailed in the storybook are:

·  Work with local partner sites and communities of interest (led by sites with Voluntary Voices)
·  Supporting culture change, underpinned by behavioural insights, for both health and care professionals, and individuals and communities (led by the Behavioural Insights Team)
·  Valuing the contributions of people and communities in health and care (led by Voluntary Voices)
·  Assessing system change levers and drivers (led by the Health Foundation)
·  Developing an evidence-based economic model and tools for commissioners (led by PPL)
·  At the heart of health (led by Health Foundation/Nesta)

Link - Realising the Value storybook