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Social Prescribing in Greater Manchester

Social Prescribing in Greater Manchester

In February 2018, the Greater Manchester Devolution VCSE Reference Group (The Reference Group) decided to commission from amongst its membership a review of social prescribing in Greater Manchester. The main task of the research was to carry out a mapping exercise of the existing patterns and nature of social prescribing across Greater Manchester (GM). The particular focus was to establish what was happening across the GM Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector in relation to social prescribing.

Working in partnership, the University of Salford and Salford CVS have undertaken a review of existing research, a survey of social prescribing activity across GM and a deep dive involving interviews and qualitative investigation in one locality (Salford).

To read an executive summary of the report, please click here.

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EU Funding and Brexit Briefing for Liverpool City Region

EU Funding and Brexit Briefing for Liverpool City Region

Warren Escadale and Sam Popper

Following the implementation of Brexit, what is the likely impact of lost investment and delivery, and how can the case be made for future investment in driving inclusive growth?

Sector expertise lies in connecting mainstream delivery to those furthest from mainstream support and furthest from employment. It also lies in providing tailored, person-centric approaches to tackling multiple barriers and building confidence.

We calculate that if investment in inclusive growth and VCFSE involvement in delivery ended in the City Region…

• Over 13,400 of the hardest to reach people acrossthe City Region will lose out on life-changing support. This will cost the City Region at least £56.3m per year in lost GVA.

• This includes additional welfare costs of at least £12m per year.

• We would lose a return on investment in VCFSE delivery in our City Region of £8 for every pound invested.

• Direct job losses in VCFSE organisations in the City Region would exceed 245.

• The City Region would lose out on significant additional inward investment in our most economically disadvantaged communities.

• In the light of extensive public sector cuts, it would become increasingly challenging for local organisations to remain financially viable. Additional indirect job losses would exceed 145.


Connected Growth: developing a framework to drive inclusive growth across a city region

Connected Growth: developing a framework to drive inclusive growth across a city region

Submission to the Inclusive Growth Commission drawing on interviews with members of Greater Manchester’s VCSE Devolution Reference Group and a workshop with VCSE leaders from across the North West.

The central tenet is that if we are serious about inclusive growth, then we need to develop a new relationship with communities drawing on the potential of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.


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The Future Role of the VCS in the Cheshire and Warrington LEP

The Future Role of the VCS in the Cheshire and Warrington LEP

VSNW and the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) were commissioned by Learning Together Cheshire and Warrington (LTC&W) to explore the role of VCS organisations in the future of the Local Enterprise Partnership.

The report draws together evidence and case-studies about the sector's impact and potential in four thematic LEP delivery areas: 

  • social enterprise
  • social innovation
  • employment and skills, and
  • social inclusion.
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