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JSNA Briefing Session

VSNW, on behalf of Groundwork's Target Wellbeing Programme, recently delivered a briefing session on Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).  Dave Burnham from NW Employers and Jo Whaley of Regional Voices gave an outline of the role and purpose of JSNA from both a local authority and voluntary sector perspective.  Their presentations are available to download:

Their presentations contain links to to other useful resources.  In addition below there are links to resources made available to participants attending the session. 

Housing Roundtable

VSNW in partnership with the National Housing Federation recently held a roundtable to look at the  opportunities for closer collaboration between the voluntary sector in the North West and Housing Associations.  This roundtable is seen as the beginning of the development of a closer working relationship between the two sectors.  The presentation by Lynne Livesy, National Housing Federation's Health Partnership Coordinator, is here.

Read the Housing Roundtable Report

Carers Trust - New Better Care Fund Toolkit

Carers Trust has produced a new toolkit for Carers Trust Network Partners which sets out what is included in the Better Care Fund and how it applies to carers.

The toolkit includes checklists for local carers’ organisations which will help ensure that commissioners are aware of the requirements to invest in carers’ support using the Better Care Fund. The checklists can be used to help local carers’ organisations develop proposals for the funding and ensure that local Better Care plans follow the national guidance. Better Care Fund plans should set out the level of resource that will be dedicated to carer-specific support, including carers’ breaks and identify how the chosen methods for supporting carers will help to meet key metrics (outcomes) set by the government.  Download the Toolkit

Social Care Jargon Buster

Many people who use care and support services and their carers are bemused and confused by the information available. It can be complicated, full of jargon and may not be comprehensive or reliable. Think Local Act Personal, in partnership with the Social Care Institue for Excellence, have produced a Social Care Jargon Buster to explain the terminology that people accessing social care services will come across.  The Think Local Act Personal partnership have prioritised Information,Advice and Brokerage as one of our key areas of work. and this document is the first of the resources they are planning.  Read the Social Care Jargon Buster

Review of Mental Health Act 1983 Code of Practice

The Mental Health Act 1983 Code of Practice in England was last published in 2008. Since then there have been changes and updates in legislation, policy, case law, and professional practice that need to be reflected in the Code.  The Dept of Health, Ministry of Justice and the Care Quality Commission are carrying out this review so that it reflects curent legislation and best practice.  They have identified twelve specific aspects of the existing Code that they consider will require substantial revisions, and on which they are focusing during the pre-consultation review.  To read more about the twelve aspects as well as how you can input into the pre-consultation download the paper.

Care Quality Commission’s review of dementia care

CQC would like to hear the experiences of people with dementia and their families who have been admitted to an acute hospital from a care home and also those who have been discharged from hospital to a care home in the last year. Itwill use this information to help decide if local services are providing good care.  More information about how to respond can be downloaded here.

Health Bulletin #49

The new NHS structures are still proving complex for the voluntary sector to engage with. The commissioning support units are being funded over the next eighteen months to support Clinical Commissioning Groups with their patient and public voice and the voluntary sector is seen as having an important commissioning support role. However, already there is a plea that lots of organisations trying to engage all at once will be overwhelming and the importance of taking a strategic approach by developing partnerships. ‘Thriving Places’ VSNW’s Annual Conference on 14thNovember will be a good place to begin discussing with colleagues how the sector can influence the new NHS system by attending the Health and Social Care workshops. Book your place at Thriving Communities or by going to

If you want to find out who is who in the health and social care system take a look at the updated Who’s Who in the North West.

Also included in the latest Health Bulletin:

►Dept of Health Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Fund opens
►Public Health England Data and Knowledge Gateway
►Briefing from VODG, NCF & Sue Ryder on the Francis Report

Download Health Bulletin #49 as a pdf

Read Health Bulleltin #49 on line

Health Bulletin #48

In June the government announced that it would be allocating £3.8bn pounds for the integration of health and social care services. The Local Goverment Association and NHS England have now published their ‘vision’ for the delivery of this pooled budget now called the ‘Integration Transformation Fund’. The local authorities and clinical commissioning groups are required to work together to draw up plans to take effect in 2015/16. In a recent statement the chairman of the LGA, Sir Merrick Cockell, has stated the crucial role that Health and Wellbeing Boards will play. ( Understanding the potential changes of services and influencing them will be important over the coming time and through the Supporting Influence project, Regional Voices and VSNW are providing support to voluntary sector representatives on Health and Wellbeing Boards. As not all Health and Wellbeing Boards have direct voluntary sector representation it is important that we understand how the sector is engaging or not with their Health and Wellbeing Boards and completing the Surveywould help us to help you. Please take the time to complete this short survey using this link:

Also included in Health Bulletin #48 is

►Health and social care volunteering fund
►International social innovation competition
►Age UK: what the social care cap willl mean

Download as a pdf

Read an on line copy


Supporting Influence

Regional Voices has been successful in obtaining funding to support representatives of the voluntary sector to have influence on Health and Wellbeing Boards. The Supporting Influence project will enable the development of networks for voluntary sector representatives and local Healthwatch where appropriate. These networks will create a learning exchange to share good practice that supports individuals, boards and government. It will also develop effective and robust routes for dissemination and collation of information to support Health & Wellbeing Boards.

For more information go to the new Health and Wellbeing Board page on the website

Health and Wellbeing Boards: Effective Representation

At the Effective Representation event on 18th March in Manchester there was considerable support from those present from the voluntary sector and Healthwatch representatives for a network to support representatives on Health and Wellbeing Boards.  VSNW will be taking the findings from the discussions to develop the next steps.  In the meantime the presentations from the speakers are available below:

Health and Wellbeing Boards and the Voluntary Sector:  'Hard Wiring' Voice and Representation - 11th July 2012

VSNW recently held a half day event looking at how the voluntary and community sector can ensure that its voice is heard and that it is able to influence the strategic decision making of their local Health and Wellbeing Board.  Policy drivers within the Dept of Health are looking to Local Healthwatch to be the place where public engagement is ‘hard wired’ into to Health and Wellbeing Boards. In many areas where there is no separate place for the local voluntary and community sector this will mean that the new local Healthwatch will be expected to represent not just the public voice but also the voluntary and community sector as well.  This represents a considerable challenge. The event offered an opportunity to discuss what opportunities existed, what was happening so far, and what could be learned from existing partnerships. 

A Summary of the Event can be downloaded here and Presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the presentation:

Regional Voices - Health and Social Care Act Policy Briefing

Regional Voices have produced a Policy Briefing of the Health and Social Care Act and the implications for the voluntary ande community sector.  Download here

Creating Effective Healthwatch Organisations

Regional Voices has been working with the Local Government Association and the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement on a programme of work funded by the Department of Health to identify and share learning between local Healthwatch pathfinders and to identify the challenges and support needs for future local Healthwatch development.

This report highlights both some key elements considered to be essential in creating an effective local Healthwatch organisation and also some of the challenges that were highlighted through interviews with a selection of voluntary and community sector (VCS) and LINK representatives. Download here

Health and Policy and the role of local Compacts

Compact Voice have produced a report into the role of local Compacts in the new Health structures.  Download a copy from  

Healthwatch England Consultation Responses

Following the consultation on the composition of the membership of Healthwatch England, the Dept of Health has now published its official response.  Download a copy from

New Health Structures Diagram

The NHS reforms are creating a new set of structures and relationships which will be up and running by April 2013.  The Dept of Health have produced a new diagram which explains these developing structures.  Download a copy from  or view it here

HealthWatch England - Membership Consultation

Stakeholders and the public are being asked to contribute to the development of the Healthwatch England membership regulations. Healthwatch England will be a national consumer champion that enables the collective views of the people who use health and social care services to influence national policy, advice and guidance. This consultation asks questions on a number of key issues.

The deadline for comment is Friday 2 March and the consultation document can be accessed here:

New Public Health System

There is a new VSNW Briefing on Healthy Lives, Healthy People: the New Public Health System.  Links to the documents mentioned in it are available below:

Healthy Lives, Health People: the New Public Health Sytstem Presentation

Public Health in Local Government

Public Health Outcomes Framework and associated documents

Timeline for implementation of the New Public Health System

The implementation of the new system is however subject to Parliamentary approval of the Health & Social Care Bill.

Health Bulletin 32

Included in this edition:

► Department of Health Update
► The New Public Health System: summary
► Events/Training

Download Health Bulletin 32

Health Bulletin 31

Included in this edition:

►Department of Health Update
► Warm Homes, Healthy People Fund
► European Commission Health Directorate– Call for proposals

Download Health Bulletin 31

Health Bulletin 30

Included in this edition:

►  Dept of Health Update
►  Guide to help GP's support carers
►  UK Core Skills Training Framework for Health
Download Health Bulletin 30

Caring For Our Future- shared ambitions for care and support

VSNW is gathering views for The ‘Caring for our Future – shared ambitions for care and support’ engagement exercise currently taking place.

The ‘Caring for our Future – shared ambitions for care and support’ engagement exercise is the Government’s next step in the reform of social care before the publication of the Care and Support White Paper. It aims to discuss the priorities for improving social care with people who use care and support services, carers, local councils, care providers and the voluntary sector

VSNW in partnership with Regional Voices have produced a combined Briefing and Response document so that the voluntary and community sector in the North West can make their views known on what they feel should be the priorities for the proposed Care and Support system.

The document provides you with information as well as a space in which to feed in your response. This will form part of a coordinated response to the Department of Health by VSNW and its partner Regional Voices.  Closing date for responses is Monday 21st November 2011.

New On Line Counselling Directory

A new website has been developed to enable people to find a counsellor appropriate for their needs.  The website also contains a number of sections on emotional disorders (types of distress section) and provides some useful statistics. Every counsellor on the site has either sent a copy of their qualifications and insurance cover, or is registered with a professional body online with recognised codes of ethics and practice.

Briefing #68 Year of Health and Wellbeing

The North West Year of Health and Wellbeing is the beginning of a decade long movement to help everyone in the North West to feel good and live well. Its aim is to encourage organisations across all sectors to promote the Five Ways to Wellbeing to all those they work with, employ, or provide services to. 

Download the Briefing

Health Bulletin 29

This edition includes:

► Department of Health update
► The impact of health reforms on deaf BME communities
► Outcome Based Commissioning

Download Health Bulletin 29

Briefing #65 Clinical Commissioning Groups

Guidance and clarification has recently been produced by the Dept of Health with regard to the status and responsibility of the emerging Clinical Commissioning Groups.  As part of the Briefing VSNW has also produced a list of all the North West Pathfinder Clinical Commissioning Groups together with contact details. 

Download the Briefing

Health Bulletin 28

Included in this edition:

► Department of Health Caring for our future engagement exercise
► Future Forum phase 2
► Influencing the New Health System briefing

Download Health Bulletin 28

Health Bulletin 27

Included in this edition:

►Expressions of Interest – PILOT Armed Forces Veteran Support Project
►Joint Strategic Needs Assessment – Resources for Engagement
►The Low Review – Personal Mobility in State Funded Residential Care

Download Health Bulletin 27

Expressions of Interest: PILOT - Armed Forces Veterans Support Project (Non-Clinical)

Central and Eastern Cheshire PCT intends to commission the above project and are seeking expressions of interest from all suitably qualified and experienced organisations in the provision of this signposting service across the North West and will be particularly keen to hear from organisations that wish to lead a comprehensive and coherent group of providers (be that as a consortium, or as a (contractual or corporate) Joint Venture, or in some form of partnership).

Two development days are taking place 6th and 9th September To register your interest in attending please request Registration Documents by emailing:  Closing date 1st September.  Read more

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment - Resources for Engagement

Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) have produced further resources to support the voluntary sector to engage with their local Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).  They have produced a Briefing and a Template for the voluntary sector to use but have also produced one for the statutory sector to use to engage with the voluntary sector.

Policy Briefing
Template for Voluntary Sector Engagement
Template for Statutory Sector Engagement

Health Bulletin 26

Included in this edition:

►DH Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Fund
►Cost of Implementing Personal Health Budgets
►Extending Choice of Any Qualified Provider
►Regional Voices - 'On the Radar'

Download Health Bulletin 26

Briefing #58 Engagement with European Health: Opportunities and Risks in the North West of England

The purpose of this briefing is to

►Explain the role of the NW Health Brussels Office
►Outline areas for engagement with European issues

Download Briefing

Health Bulletin 25

Included in this edition:

►NICE - Obesity Call for Evidence
►Dept of Health NW Update
►Briefing on Health of Migrants
Download Health Bulletin 25

Health Bulletin 24

Included in this edition:

►People Powered Health
►Law Commission: Adult Social Care
►CQC State of Care 2009/10 Report
►Statement of Government Policy on Safeguarding

Download Health Bulletin 24

Listening Exercise - VSNW Submission to the Future Forum

Following the Listening Exercise on 23rd May VSNW have submitted a response to the Future Forum incorporating the key points identified by those attending.  Download the Submission

Young People's Views on Being Well and the future of public health

The National Children's Bureau have published a report of the consultation they carried out with young people on the Public Health White Paper: Healthy Lives, Healthy People.  Download the report

Health Bulletin 23

Included in this edition:

►Mental Health Foundation: Measuring Wellbeing Briefing
►Rural Health Economies and the Health Bill
►Coalition Government 'Listening Execise'
Download the Health Bulletin 23

Joints Strategic Needs Assessment Good Practice Guide

A Guide has been produced by Local Government Improvement and Development for the newly emerging Health and Wellbeing Boards called 'JSNA: A Springboard for Action'.  Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNA) are seen as having an increasingly important role in the joining up and delivery of joint health and social care services across local authority areas.  Download here

Health Bulletin 22

Included in this edition

►CQC Regulatory Fees
►Dept Health NW Update
►Safeguarding Adults: the role of Health Services
►Social Care Framework 2011/12

Download Health Bulletin 22

Health White Paper Consultation Dept of Health Written Responses

During the Health White Paper Consultations last September, participants were asked to submit written questions on post-it ntoes which the Dept of Health would then respond with written answers.  They have recently done so and the answers provided can be downloaded.

Passage of  a Bill - Health and Social Care

VSNW recently ran a Parliamentary Outreach session looking at the Passage of a Bill and one of the areas it focused on was the Health and Social Care Bill at the Committee Stage.  The presentation from the session which includes links to the relevant Parliament website pages can be downloaded.

Health Bulletin 21

Featured in this edition

► Any Willing Provider Interim Report
► Dept of Health NW Update
► Help a Heart Grant
► National Personal Budgets Survey

Download Health Bulletin 21

Healthy Communities in the North West - Preston and Warrington Events

Below you will find links to the presentations, papers and other documents referred to during the two information and consultation events held recently.  Although VSNW will be writing a response to the Public Health White Paper it is important that your organisation also responds.  The closing date for all responses is 31st March 2011.  Links to the three Public Health consultation papers are also listed.

Presentations - Preston

Presentations - Warrington



Below are links to the Dept of Health web pages for the three Public Health White Paper consultations:

Health Bulletin 20

Included in this edition

►Update including event opportunities
►Campaign to support sexual health services
►Health and Social Care Reform - new website
►NHS Support for Social Care

Download Health Bulletin 20

Updated Briefing #51 - GP Consortia and the Health Transition Period

This Briefing has been updated to take account of the latest developments in the NHS Reforms and provides a

►summary of the main developments in relation to GP consortia as at February 2011.
►outlines the intention behind GP consortia and other structures from a national level
►a quick reference guide to developments in relation to health primarily
Download Updated Briefing #51


Healthy Communities in the North West




The Healthy Lives, Healthy People Public Health White Paper will be the focus of these two joint VSNW and Regional Voices events .  It will include information about the Public Health White Paper including the Outcomes Framework and the Funding and Commissioning Routes papers which have recently been published. There will be key Dept of Health NW Public Health speakers at each event to be held on:

23rd February 2011 at the Gujarat Hindu Society, Preston - Download the Booking Form and Programme

2nd March 2011 at The Gateway, Warrington - Download the Booking Form and Programme

Both events will run from 9.30 am - 2.15 pm and are free of charge.

Health Bulletin 19

In this edition:

►Funding Opportunities
►Latest Dept of Health Consultations and Publications
►Tender Opportunities

Download Health Bulletin 19

Tender Opportunities

Applications are invited from Local Authorities and Health organisations and through them their local partners in the independent sector in housing, care and support related areas for the following:

  • Proposals are invited for the delivery of innovation in services that increase the employment of adults with learning disabilities, especially those that may have traditionally received day care services. Sums available 2 x £60k (total available £120K).  Download tender specification.
  • Proposals are invited for the delivery of innovation in services that increase settled supported housing options for persons with mental health issues or learning disabilities. Sums available 2 x £55k (total available £110K). Download tender specification

Closing date for submission of Tenders 24th January 2011.

GP Consortia Pathfinders Announced - 10 in North West

The first groups of GPs who will take the lead in the Government’s plans for commissioning health services have been announced. There are 10 groups of GP practices in the North West out of the 52 from across England. They have been selected to be the first to take on commissioning responsibilities as part of the Government’s plans set out in the NHS White Paper Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS.  Read more in Health Bulletin Extra

Public Health White Paper: Healthy Lives, Healthy People

Healthy Lives, Healthy People - the Public Health White Paper has now been published. It outlines a commitment to helping people live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives; and improving the health of the poorest, fastest.  The White Paper outlines an approach which mirrors that of the Health White Paper and A Vision for Social Care - one of decentralising decision making and responsibility down to local government, community and individual level. Proposals include local authority based Directors of Public Health who will work in partnership with the local NHS and the public, private and voluntary sectors; ring fenced budgets for local authority public health activity together with a health premium to reward progress against health outcomes. The approach will be one of individuals taking responsibility to live more healthily through encouragement with more prescriptive approaches only if this fails. Read the Briefing.  

VSNW will be holding events with partners in early in 2011 to enable you to find out more about the White Paper and to contribute towards a response.  More details will be published soon. 

Download Healthy Lives, Healthy People

Active at 60 Fund

The Community Development Foundation has been selected to deliver the Active at 60 Fund supported by the Dept of Work and Pensions.  The fund will be delivered in seven areas of the North West:  Liverpool, Manchester, Salford, Blackpool, Knowsley, Rochdale, and Wirral.  Local organisations will recruit at least one Active at 60 Community Agent who will volunteer their time to help motivate, encourage and organise people within their own communities to become more active, physically, socially and mentally.  Grants of between £250 and £3,000 will be available.  More information from the Community Development Foundation website or email

Health Bulletin 18

Included in this edition:

►A Vision for Social Care: Capable Communities and Active Citizens
►Choose Well – 5 Key Questions to keep you fit and well this winter
►Commissioning Talking Therapies 2011/12
►CQC First Annual Report into Mental Health
►Equality & Human Rights Commission: Human rights of older people
►Extension of Independent Social Workers into Adult Care
►Funding Opportunities
►Office of National Statistics Wellbeing Survey
►Recognised, valued and supported: next steps for Carers Strategy
►Skills for Care
►Support a Stronger Civil Society
►Transition Fund: North West Briefing Events
►Events and Training

Download Health Bulletin 18

Choose Well - 5 Key Questions to Keep You Fit and Well this Winter

The NHS have produced a flyer aimed at people with long term conditions or aged over 65.  It has five key questions people can ask themselves that could help them to stay fit and well over the winter period. Download the flyer and go to for more information.

A Vision for Adult Social Care: Capable Communities and Active Citizens

The Dept of Health has published its Vision for Adult Social Care which sets out the Coalition Government's new agenda for adult social care in England.  Their aim is to make services more personalised, more preventative and more focused on delivering the best outcomes for those who use them.  It will involve devoling power to communities and indiviuals and will give more freedom and responsibility to front line workers and carers to improve services and support people in new ways.  Local authorities will be expected to reform and redesign services and achieve significant productivity gains. 

Download Briefing #47 A Vision for Social Care

Also published alongside the Vision for Adult Social Care were a range of other documents related to Adult Social Care, Personalisation, Development of new providers and Building Effective Partnerships:

Liberating the NHS: Greater Choice and Control and An Information Revolution - Briefings and an Invitation

Two more consultation papers for the Health White Paper Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS have been published. They are

• Greater Choice and Control – the presumption that everyone should have choice, control and shared decision making regarding their care and treatment and
• An Information Revolution – where people have the information they need to stay healthy, take decisions about and exercise more control of their care and to make the right choices for themselves and their families.

Briefings are available on .

NHS NW is holding an event to discuss Greater Choice and Control and An Information Revolution on 29th November at the Reebok, Bolton. This event will provide an opportunity to discuss the papers in more detailTo book a place go to  or if you have any questions contact


Health Bulletin 17

Included in this edition are:

►Clinks Service User Guides
►Comprehensive Spending Review: Health Outcome
►Healthy Start Consultation
►Liberating the NHS: Two new Consultation Papers
►New System of Regulation for Adult Social Care and Independent Providers
►Personalisation News
►Reaching out to Carers Innovation Fund
►Six Lives: Progress Report
►Skills for Care News
►Using the equalities duties to make fair financial decisions

Download Health Bulletin 17

Health White Paper - Latest Consultations

Two further consultation papers relating to Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS have now been published. One relates to Information and the other to Choice. 

The closing date for both consultations is 14th January 2011.

Comprehensive Spending Review - Health Outcome

The Dept of Health will receive a 0.4% increase in real terms over the course of the Spending Review period. This will include a 1.3% increase in resources and a 17% decrease in capital spending. The administration budget will be reduced by 33% and will be reinvested to support the delivery of NHS services.

Much of this reduction in the administration budget will be achieved through the abolition of Primary Care Trusts, the reduction in the number of Arms Length Bodies over the next four years and a smaller Dept of Health.

One of the key aims of the Health White Paper is to create greater integration in the delivery of health and social care services. To achieve this additional yearly resources rising to £2 billion by 2014-15 will go through the NHS and local government.  Areas which will be resourced include:

• Reablement
• Expanding access to talking therapies
• New cancer drugs fund of up to £200 million a year
• Funding priority for new hospital schemes inlcuidng in the North West: the Royal Oldham and West Cumberland
Proposed programmes from the last government which will not now be implemented include:

• Free presecriptions for people with long term conditions
• One to one nursing for cancer patients and a one week wait for cancer diagnostics. The Government will set out a review of the Cancer Reform Strategy this winter.

The Government sees the outcome of the CSR settlement as sitting alongside its plans laid out in the White Paper, ‘Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS’.

The full press release including a statement by the Secretary of State, Andrew Lansley, can be read at  

Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS - VSNW Responds

VSNW has written responses to the four Health White Paper consultation papers that have so far been published.
It  has based the responses on the information gathered at the North West Equity and Excellence consultation held on 7th September 2010 in Manchester attended by over 100 people from the voluntary and community sector. The responses can be downloaded:

Two more consultation papers are due out very shortly - Information and Choice and Control. These will be followed in November by the Vision for Social Care and a Public Health White Paper.

SEIF Capital Grants - up to £450k for Health and Care

The Social Enterprise Investment Fund have launched a new round of capital grants for third sector enterprises involved in health and care.  The website below provides information on eligibility, the application form, comprehensive guidance notes and the cashflow template.

The deadline for applications is noon on 1st November 2010.


Included in this edition:

►Achieving Equity and Excellence for Children
►CQC Survey of Users of Community Mental Health Care
►Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives – National Adult Autism Strategy – Regional Implementation
►National Autistic Society Learning Needs Survey

Download Health Bulletin 16


Included in this edition:

►Briefing #34 Analysis of the Voluntary Sector Social Care Workforce in the NW
►Autism Strategy ‘Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives’ Implementation Consultation
►NHS Principles and Rules for Cooperation and Competition
►Refreshing the National Carers Strategy
►Supporting People to Live and Die Well
►Third Sector Investment Programme

Download Health Bulletin 15



This Framework was published at the same time as the Health White Paper and whilst it contains much of what is in Equity and Excellence, it also includes more information about public health and other reforms to the NHS.  It will form the basis for the implementation of the White Paper.  Download

THIRD SECTOR INVESTMENT PROGRAMME: Innovation, Excellence and Service Development Fund 2011/12

The Dept of Health are inviting voluntary and community sector organisations to apply for the Innovation, Execellence and Service Development Fund which supports health and social care projects.  The closing date for applications is 1st November 2010 and the fund is for projects which will begin in April 2011 or later.  Although there is no minimum or maximum amount of funding to apply for, the average grant in 2010 was £52,000.  The supporting information says that the amount of funding available will be subject to the outcome of the current Comprehensive Spending Review .  More information

HEALTH WHITE PAPER - Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS

The White Paper on health, ‘Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS’ was published on 12th July and sets out the Government's vision for the NHS. The proposals represent some of the biggest changes to the NHS in the last 60 years and provide both opportunities and challenges for our sector.   Regional Voices in partnership with VSNW have produced a Briefing which oulines the key areas of the White Paper and also highlights some possible implications for the voluntary and community sector.

Download the Health White Paper

Download the Briefing

Following on from the White Paper, the Government has now produced four consultation papers and one review document which it will be consulting on up until early October. 

The Consultation topics are:

The Review Document:  Report of the Arm's-Length Bodies Review sets out in more detail the proposals to to abolish some arm's-length bodies, streamline the functions of others, and the transfer of functions to other bodies.

Consultation Event

VSNW in partnership with Regional Voices and the Dept. of Health will be holding a Health White Paper Consultation workshop in the North West in September.  The final date will be announced very shortly and if you would like to register your interest in attending please email

VSNW Health Bulletin 14

Included in this edition

• Update - Health White Paper
• Access to Volunteering Fund
• Commission on the Funding of Care and Support
• ‘Enough is Enough! Action Against Homophobia’ Campaign
• Equality Act 2010: What do I need to know?
• New LGBT Carers Support Group and Online Forum
• NW Health Equity Platform
• Personalisation
• Sex and Violence: Improving Your Care
• Skills for Care: Helping with CQC Inspection Outcomes
• Events and Training

Download Bulletin 14

VSNW Health Bulletin 13

includes the following

• Access to Volunteering Fund
• Care Quality Commission – Consultation on Revised Enforcement Policy
• Commissioning Health Care in Prisons
• Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Week: 3rd-10th July
• Marmot Review: Fair Society Health Lives Update
• NW Regional Offender Health Team – Directory of VCS Organisations
• Social Return on Investment
• Social Values
• Skills for Care: Work smart, work safe – combating violence against care staff
• Events and Training

Download Bulletin 13


There is now a section of the website for Personalisation where you will find news, resources, etc.  All the information from the recent Third Sector: Are You Ready? conference are available here.  


NW Offender Health Directory

The NW Regional Offender Health Team have produced a Directory of Voluntary and Community Sector organisations who are working to improve the health of people in the NW.   The Regional Offernder Health Team aim to reduce health inequalities in order to improve people’s lives and reduce re-offending.  If you would like to be included in the Directory or have amendments to make to your entry then email .  Download the Directory.

Social Return on Investment - Resources

The Race Equality Foundation has produced a paper which contains links to a large range of resources on all aspects of Social Return on Investment.  The paper contains links to documents, websites, toolkits, etc.  Download the paper.

New Government Plans for the Reform of Social Care

The Government has announced its plans for the reform of social care including a commitment to:.

  •  establish a commission on long-term care, to report within a year. The commission will consider a range of ideas, including both a voluntary insurance scheme to protect the assets of those who go into residential care, and a partnership scheme as proposed by Derek Wanless.

  • break down barriers between health and social care funding to incentivise preventative action.

  • extend the greater roll-out of personal budgets to give people and their carers more control and purchasing power.

  • use direct payments to carers and better community-based provision to improve access to respite care.

  • reform Access to Work, so disabled people can apply for jobs with funding already secured for any adaptations and equipment they will need.

You can comment on these proposals by going to  

Plans for Public Health

The Government believes there needs to be action to promote public health, and encourage behaviour change to help people live healthier lives and makes the following commitments:

  • will give local communities greater control over public health budgets with payment by the outcomes they achieve in improving the health of local residents.

  • will give GPs greater incentives to tackle public health problems.

  • will investigate ways of improving access to preventative healthcare for those in disadvantaged areas to help tackle health inequalities.

  • will ensure greater access to talking therapies to reduce long-term costs for the NHS.

New Ministers in Place at Dept of Health

The new Ministers are at the Dept. of Health are:

  • Secretary of State: Andrew Lansley

  • Minister of State: Simon Burns

  • Minister of State for Care Services: Paul Burstow

  • Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Public Health: Anne Milton

  • Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Quality: Earl Howe


For more information on their individual portfolios visit  


Winning Public Sector Tenders

A recent NW Public Service Delivery Network Meeting included a presentation from Jim Williams of Tender Management Consultancy entitled '30 Useful Minutes About Winning Public Sector Tenders' which included twelve steps to tendering success.  Download the presentation.

NHS Constitution

The NHS have produced an A5 booklets explaining the NHS Constitution.  Printed copies are available to order from where you can also order posters and postcards. 

Individual budgets and personalisation: understanding the opportunities and challenges facing local third sector infrastructure organisations

The Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) at Sheffield Hallam University is carrying out research to identify how local support and development organisations can support the local voluntary sector to meet the challenges posed by personalisation. They are looking for a mixture of local infrastructure and frontline voluntary organisations to take part in the research and are particularly keen to hear from anyone working in the individual budget pilots areas. Research participants would need to spend about an hour with a researcher, either face to face or over the phone. To express an interest in participating in the research please contact Chris Dayson (CRESR) on 0114 2254173, email or Paul Ritchie (Voluntary Action Rotherham) on 01709 829821, email

Health Bulletin 11

March saw the publication of a range of documents, links to some of which are bel

Featured News

20 October 2016

VSNW's Conference and AGM 2016: Community Powered Change

This year's VSNW conference, Community Powered Change, will look at how communities can be the drivers of transformation, with keynote speakers and panellists including: Professor Ruth Lupton, Head of the Inclusive Growth Analysis Unit, Kathy Evans, Chief Executive of Children England

4 October 2016

CQC Inspections in the North West

CQC have announced upcoming hospital inspections for the next year in the North West. Care Quality Commission inspectors will be visiting the following hospitals, on the following dates:

3 October 2016

Job Opportunity: CEO at Cumbria CVS

Cumbria CVS are recruiting for a new Chief Executive Officer, with a closing date for applications of 25th October 2016

19 September 2016

New survey looks at joint working between Jobcentres and VCSE organisations

VSNW has conducted a survey of VCSE agencies to understand the strength of relationships between local voluntary sector groups and Jobcentres, particularly where health and work initiatives are involved.

6 September 2016

Support and funding for VCSE Apprenticeships in the North West

Health Education England North West (HEENW) are offering telephone support to VCSE organisations in the North West thinking about taking on an apprentice. 

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